“Love at First Sight”: Johnny Drille Shares Video on How He Met Alleged Girlfriend, Tomi Ojo

Johnny Drille said in a new post on his Facebook page that he and his alleged lover, Tomi Ojo, fell in love at first sight.

In a video, the couple reenacted how they met, knocking into each other like lovers do in movies.

Johnny and Tomi weren’t paying attention on the road and collided, dropping the actress book.

The couple moved in slow motion, taking up the book and looking into one other’s eyes, marking the start of their love journey.

Johnny captioned the video: “Love At First Sight “

Watch the video below:

Reactions to Johnny’s video

allimerry: “When you are done with the music promo, you should return the partner to the owner ‍♂️”

naijasinglegirl: “At least now she has someone to pay for her Wilmer Academy tuition. Congratulations to the couple.”

ifeomaonye: “Dem no dey change clothe? Every content I have seen of these two people has been of her on that short and whatever Drille is wearing. We have heard, you guys are in love so please get out let me see road to pass.”

ifythec: “And I’ve been carrying books everywhere oo. Is it until I carry a library?! Sigh! “

blozzy_bae: “So na this shirt una dey wear since the beginning of una relationship till now Biko rest we know it’s a PR stunt.”

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