A lot of great things start with $+x — Chef Hilda Baci’s friend Ama Reginald (Video)

Ama Reginald, the girlfriend of world record breaker Hilda Baci, has sparked internet debate with her thoughts on how amazing things happen.

Ama Reginald, a model, recently mentioned that having s+x is the beginning of many good things.

She delivers the shocking revelation during an interview for Clout Africa’s “Girl Republik” show.

Ama Reginald supported her argument with the example of his friend, as well as examples of others who were once single but are now married.

She claims that two adults who are attracted to one other don’t need to talk for months before engaging in intimacy.

She went on to say that it’s all about having consent for one another, which leads to connectivity. She came to the conclusion that one of her pals had been married for ten years and that they began with s+x.

See video and reactions below;

excellent_pinna: Podcasts in Nigeria are only interested in discussing s+x and relationships, whatever is going on in this country no concern them.

priscillia_oluchi_’: Man and woman matter nor dey tire una? Teach us how to make money pls. 🧎‍♀️.

big_ad2005: But she’s not lying.. but what works for A might not work for B.

abikee_baby: You guys don’t agree but end up buying Aphrodisiacs up and down …..

amazu__: The day y’all will talk about women elevation,steps and actions towards women safety and all let me know. s+x s+x s+x. If men now use s+x and start approach yall will still complain. Hian.

dbassworldwide: Etu ti bere oriburuku, una don even increase in numbers again, stupidity dy attract stupidity. Can’t you all discuss something meaningful during the podcast sessions? 😮.

bennie__o: Finally a podcast video of actual babes with sense☺️❤️.

iampsyy_: But why must all those podcast be about s+xUna no Dey taya 🙄.

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